( A narration based on Colonel Philip Corso's The Day After Roswell, & other sources. )

"I'll watch outside for you, Major."
I almost wanted to tell him that that's what he was supposed to be doing all along instead of snooping into classified material, but I did what I used to do best and kept my mouth shut.
-- Philip Corso.

Flying hats from outer space 
( by Richard Lung )


Flying saucers were electrified whirlwinds,
earthquake-generated fluorescent displays,
or power lines' electro-magnetic pollution,
that sent circuits haywire -- not least the brain's
hallucinations of abductions, or whatever
the latest folk lore of science fiction.
Close encounters, with exotic energies, got one
microwaved. No, they werent 'Martian' heat rays:
the term 'Earth lights' firmly put them in their place.

But in a New Mexico desert town, called Roswell,
way back in 1947, a twelve year old was told
that if she ever talked about the self-unwrapping foil,
from a 'UFO' crash, she'd held in her hand,
she could be taken out into the desert, never to return.
Fifty years on, no recompense, apology or explanation.
Before the official denial, the Roswell air-force
announced a captured 'disk', yet like a wrecked 'box-kite'!

The 'Roswell' tv drama charged off,
with phoney-looking saucer fotos.
Key characters spoke like wishful thinkers:
The rancher, 'so poor that he couldnt rub two nickels
together,' wanted to collect a going UFO reward
( apparently received ); Major Marcel, who certainly knew
better, wanted other than to look a fool
for his supposed mistaking an observation balloon;
the Roswell commander, of the world's only
atomic bomber base, had missed-out
on the dubious honor of the Hiroshima drop
and was not going to miss, again, making history
from first contact known with another planet.
Memory's deceptions had other witnesses
doubting each other's conflicting accounts.

The actor Martin Sheen, as an 'insider'
takes aside 'Marcel' to an empty hangar, where
it was claimed craft and crew, not all dead, were taken,
and where he now retrieves for the Major
only fantastic scenarios, in a game of bluff:
true, not true; well then, partly true;
as if truth were merely a private opinion
no longer of public concern, and the state
sees no need to honestly work for the people's trust.

More Roswell movies may pose alternate histories
like versions of the JFK assassination.
What is truth and what is show business?
Alleged CIA report on Marilyn Monroe
tells how, feeling ignored after her 'trysts'
with the President and the Attorney General,
she intends to tell all in her 'diary of secrets' --
which went missing after her death two days later --
with embarrassing disclosures like the plan to kill Castro,
and the President's visit to 'a secret air base
for the purpose of inspecting things from outer space.'

After world war two, wild rumors abounded also
about the contents of the Dead Sea Scrolls,
the preserve of a clique of scholars, nearly half a century.
Full translation and publication awaited
the breaking of the monopoly.
The US government maintained UFO secrecy
by not letting its left foot know what its right
was doing, without tripping over itself.
Colonel Corso's book has a foreword by the nonagenarian
father of the senate house. So, here we have a work
that must have official clearance and alleges aliens
and their craft, tho these are not officially admitted!
This would be in line with a policy of breaking
the alien news gently -- very old news by now --
going to the other extreme to Orson Welles' halloween
prank, in 1938, of broadcasting H G Wells' The War
of the Worlds
and causing a national rout.

Studies have denied that the public would panic
but this was top people's stock excuse for 'Hush up!'
Colonel Corso claims they did not know whether several
space vehicles down, round about the Roswell incident,
heralded an invasion. Nor did they know what
sinister purpose was served by the surgical laser
removal of cattle organs. Nor, so we're told,
were quite all human abductions groundless.
Corso claims our space-craft buzzed;
transmisions interfered with, by electro-magnetic bursts,
and the lunar surface colonised!

Pathologists guessed that the small humanoids,
found in crashed alien craft, were artificial
adaptations to cross the deserts of space,
perhaps from a local solar system.
Thru head-band sensors, reading brain-wave signals,
the crew, spun in spider-line strength polarised sheaths,
for suits, became part of a gravity-repulsing
magnetic wave, powered by the Roswell craft, itself
an electric energy store or capacitator,
vectored as an extension of their body muscles.
They had large heart and lungs, storing air
like a camel humps water, and flexible skeletons
to absorb high performance travel shocks.
Hence, Corso's guess these aliens were
into bio-engineering life on earth.

Not all share the secret military line of hostile intent.
Some witnesses were moved by the creatures.
One group of outsiders may know more,
of the heavens, than the Establishment,
if they treated survivors better than the soldiers did.
The Red man sleeps in the open. Morning Star confirmed
a dubious autopsy film, as from a crash
shortly before the nearby Roswell case.
His people have a tradition of stellar elders
Some of alien race are said to look human
enough to pass in a city. Are they among us?
Have they always been, or are they of us?
Among insiders, Einstein's assistant,
who recalled his kindly warmth to his students,
said the great man was not surprised by the arrivals
and hoped we would learn space-ship propulsion
and more about the universe.

In 1961, Philip Corso was in the Pentagon,
at the Foreign Technology desk ( not letting on
just how foreign, he says ) to reverse-engineer
alien artifacts, by seeding them with US corporations,
no questions asked. This is hard to prove
without the government showing the aliens and their craft,
because such technology could only be turned to use,
if it made sense in terms of what we already know,
so any borrowings are bound to look like humans'
scientific efforts. Rulers would be like The Borrowers
of items that fell thru the 'floor-boards'
to a galactic home, inhabited by greater beings.
But why should a patriot like Colonel Corso
falsely credit aliens with American inventiveness?

In 1962, Martin Mann ( also military-trained ) published
Revolution in Electricity, best popular science
about semi-conductors, masars and electro-luminescence,
( also, solar panels, Corso doesnt really cover ).
Half a dozen room-size computers were thought to be
all the world needed ( or could afford )
before micro-circuits and fiber-optic networks for all.
The likes of night-visible laser-targeted Gulf war
demolitions from radar-invisible stealth bombers
stunned the world with American military hi-tech.

Corso claims the Star Wars program had a dual role
against attacks from worlds other than our own.
To be sure, it is the forces' duty to defend,
but the human race, to survive, would have to come
to terms with aliens, rather than hide behind technology,
whether or not scavenged from out of the sky.

And Corso is disarming in his admission,
that a century ahead of his time,
Nikola Tesla foresaw modern electronics
of information and energy transmission:
the lightning storm as a natural electron beam --
or powerful radar scanning America's most secret bases --
may have brought about the Roswell crash.
However, such aliens come only from another planet
in the normal universe of our senses.
But Tesla was an order of visionary
even Edison felt to be unnatural.

Sources included a tv documentary, and a 'Roswell' movie.
Leaked documents, not all of which may be authentic, and some of the many sworn statements about the Roswell incident are refered to in Hesemann & Mantle's 'Beyond Roswell'. Published in 1997, the same year as Corso's 'The Day After Roswell'.
Philip Corso's book is well worth reading for several reasons, such as an eventful life story; an insider's view of secret government; and an account of developments in technology, as well as the aliens controversy.
Martin Mann's 'Revolution In Electricity' ( 1962 ).

Richard Lung ( 2001 ).

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